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Handpan for everyone

Handpan is the perfect instrument for so many situations. Calming, relaxing and uplifting this music will inspire and encourage


Handpan for Wellbeing

Soothing and Calming

Handpans offer huge potential in a wide variety of therapeutic situations. The music is relaxing and uplifting, and playing them is very intuitive allowing freedom of expression and an outlet for emotions. Over the past 4 years we have used handpans in a huge range of settings, including with adults with PMLD, those living with anxiety and depression, with young people displaying challenging behaviour in schools and PRU's and have also taken them into hospices for people receiving end of life care. We currently also run regular sessions for inmates at an NHS secure psychiatric facility. In all of these different settings we have witnessed profound and meaningful impacts using these instruments.

Corporate Workshops and Events

Strengthening Your Team Whilst Giving Back to the Community

Drumming circles have been widely used in the context of team building activities for some time now. We offer a refined experience using these unique instruments that focuses on bringing your team together, cooperation, effective communication,  listening and balancing self expression within the context of a team. And it is much quieter than a traditional drumming circle!

For every corporate session that we run we will donate a free community session through We Need Music CIC.  


Handpan Experience Workshops and Retreats

Hands-on Handpan

Many people have heard these beautiful instruments and would love to play one, but have never had the opportunity. Others may be looking to purchase one, but want to try instruments in a variety of different scales and made from different materials before committing to buying. Our workshops will explore various playing techniques and focus on intuitive playing.

In 2024 we will be running a variety of Introduction to Handpan workshops and retreats. Please contact us for more details.

Whilst we do not sell handpans ourselves, we can offer impartial advice, and have instruments available to try from some of the UK's best makers.

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