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Bringing your team together

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A drum circle, or in this case a handpan circle, is the perfect place to demonstrate a wide variety of transferrable skills that can benefit your team. A group of people coming together and randomly hitting drums can be both unpleasant and unorganised, however when properly facilitated this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how effective communication, teamwork and cooperation can result in something positive, constructive and quite beautiful. We will explore and build on skills such as effective listening, group working, balancing individual expression within a group and many others.

Whilst using drumming circles as a tool for team building is nothing new, what we are offering is something quite unique. Firstly the instruments themselves; handpans offer both the opportunity to play percussively as well as melodically. Whilst they are no longer as rare as they once were, they are still an uncommon instrument that offers a very novel experience to the player. They are also a LOT quieter than a traditional drum circle and could easily be accommodated within environments where loud drumming would not be appropriate.

These sessions are facilitated by an experienced percussionist and qualified teacher who has been involved in building handpans. Lyndon has had a hand in building many of the handpans that will be used in our workshops. 

For every corporate workshop that we run we will run a free educational or wellbeing session in our community. This could be in a school, hospice, care home, hospital.
We also offer the opportunity for companies to sponsor the work that we do in all of these settings by sponsoring blocks of sessions. Please contact us for more details of this program.

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