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Hands-on Handpan

The idea for PanKind came to Lyndon one sunny afternoon as he was stamping up a shell for a new handpan at the PanAmor workshop in Exeter. It occurred to him that not only did he love playing these instruments and was fortunate enough to be involved in the process of making them, but that he was also a qualified teacher who had taught various percussion workshops for several years. He had recently lost his mum to cancer, and had taken his handpans into the hospice that she was in to play for her and the other patients, so was also becoming increasingly aware of the therapeutic potential of these instruments. He shared the beginnings of this vision with Laura, his wife that very evening.

In the following months this idea blossomed into something quite extraordinary. Since January 2019 we have tested our idea in a wide range of settings with some extremely positive results. We were very fortunate to become involved with an organisation called Local Spark Torbay, who have helped take us this idea and develop it into what it is today - the first Social Enterprise company that uses handpans in educational and therapeutic settings. 

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For the past 17 years Lyndon has played, performed and taught West African percussion. He spent his childhood and early adolescence living in several African countries and has always had a love of this type of music. He studied West African percussion with Senegalese Master Drummer Cheikh Diop throughout his twenties.

Six years ago he bought his first handpan and a new journey began. Lyndon worked freelance for 2 years with a superb company, PanAmor Handpans, helping to build these beautiful instruments. He was a PanAmor customer well before he worked with them, and has huge respect for the quality and precision of their workmanship.

Lyndon has a teaching qualification and has worked with adults with special educational needs and mental health issues for several years. He also regularly performs at gigs, festivals, weddings and other events

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Laura is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music leader. She has spent the last 16 years running youth music projects and working as a freelance practitioner leading music workshops for young people experiencing various challenging circumstances. Laura has an MA in Youth and Community Work and has worked with organisations including the BBC and the Philharmonia Orchestra. In the last few years she has used singing, songwriting, instrumental work and music technology in settings including CAMHS units, pupils referral units, young women's projects, young parent and baby projects, with young people experience poor health and with new families.

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