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Making Handpan Accessible to Everyone

Hands-on Handpan

PanKinds aim is to share this unique and beautiful instrument with as many people as possible, using it as a tool for connection, expression and for promoting wellbeing.


Whether its a workshop for primary school students, a corporate team building session or playing for patients in a local hospital, PanKind is sharing this unique and wonderful instrument with the world. We tailor our sessions to your individual needs.


Ice breaker sessions

Kick off your seminar or conference with something a little different

Team building sessions

Strengthening your team. Workshops tailored to suit your needs

Corporate social responsibility

Help us to help others.


Where did you hear your first Handpan?

Often when I meet someone who is interested in these instruments their story is usually similar in many ways to mine. It involves hearing and being drawn towards a mesmerising sound and then being captivated by what they find. Following this is a deep desire to play one, and then the realisation of how inaccessible they are (or are perceived to be). Thankfully a lot has changed over the past couple of years, and the days of handpans costing many thousands of pounds and needing to wait years on a waiting list are becoming a thing of the past. They are still not cheap, reflecting the time and skill required to hand make and tune them, however they are a fraction of the cost of even a few years ago, and far more available.


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Capturing people's first moments with a handpan

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